Conference: Wisdom in Business

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Wisdom in Business is een inclusieve bijeenkomst voor het bedrijfsleven. Leer en laat je inspireren door de nieuwste innovaties, oude technieken en natuurlijke wijsheid. De conferentie behandelt drie thema’s: bewust leiderschap, de kracht van het goede doen en organisaties zonder stress.

4 oktober 2019



Conference: Wisdom in Business

We are currently standing on the brink of an exciting new era – defined by equal amounts of opportunities and challenges. Based on what we have already observed, these times require a revision of our priorities and definitions of success.

The leaders of our time need to develop new skill sets, including preventative measures to minimize stress and with attention to mental health care on both individual and organisational levels. For this reason, Wisdom in Business brings the business community together. Our event welcomes professionals across industries, whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur, HR professional, creative, coach – or work with people in any other way.

The Conference covers three themes: Conscious Leadership, The Power of Doing Good and Stress-free Organisations.

Conscious Leadership

  • Learn to speak with integrity and lead with authenticity
  • Increase your focus, productivity and find new ways of reaching your full potential
  • Create new ways to thrive in innovation and creation, in a sustainable way

The Power of Doing Good

  • Understand the power of doing good
  • Discover the value of creating future-proof companies with values and visionary causes bigger than ourselves
  • Build meaningful brands in the age of conscious consumers benefiting people, profit, and planet

Stress-free Organisations

  • Learn about the return of investments in preventative healthcare
  • Understand the latest methods and tools keeping employees’ stress levels sustainable
  • Build the scientific benefits of meditation for your organisation

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